The research files vol. XVI: Bael


I invoked Bael or Baal some time ago, and for those that do not know who he is, he is an infernal spirit mentioned in the grimoire called the Goetia; See here for the wiki page on him. He also has pagan roots and is presumably the same as the pagan God Ba’al.

When I invoked Bael, he was very humble and is the first spirit that I have summoned that has asked me what voice I wanted him to speak in & what appearance he ought to take; he displayed then as a middle-eastern human male, dressed neatly, in red and black & toggled up and down between that and a giant toad. So the traditional look as is written. I liked his human form the most and told him to retain that form. His voice was half human and half giant frog. The turban he wore turned into a crown every now & then and he held a scepter that turned into a spear, which I liked more. He also did chain-mail and breastplate armor on near the end of the ritual, as well as showing me his cat form.

I had a dream the day after where I was being chased by a giant frog and that it was trying to eat me. Not horrific, but more hazy & unclear.

Regarding information on Bael, and his skills, he is Martian in nature (Aries, 8°) and has proficiency in handling weapons, aside from basic Martian traits. There does lie a small chance of misfortune in working, dealing with him and the results. Lastly, he is good at bringing in money on a stable basis, albeit this will take some time. His skill that he is most well-known for, the ability to make people invisible or teach them to do so, is by far not his strongest trait; this was most likely just “bestowed” upon him and he has gotten better at it over time, but he is no “shiner” when it comes to clairvoyance.




The research files vol. XV: Anael


I got to invoking the Archangel Anael, that rules the planet Venus, a good time ago for two customers and I am very pleased to say that the 2nd one, that wanted love, has gotten what he wanted after 10 days. The first customer is still a work in progress and interesting thing was that Anael appeared to me and offered his services to help him out. Regarding the second one, I got to full blown invocation on that matter.

Anael appeared as a Caucasian man, dressed in a green robe and black sandals. He held several things in his hands, sometimes a spear and other times something else. Big, beautiful green wings could be seen and he had black hair, curly hair that dropped down to the front of his face. Anael’s voice is divine and strong too, similar to Zadkiel but without the echoing effect and silencing the environment. He also wore black bangles or something similar to that on his wrists. He is the strong, silent type and does not like to waste time and wanted to talk only about the necessities. He favors light, hence me leaving all the lights on. Regarding color, he likes green and black. When reciting the oration, he helped me by reciting too and his voice became so overwhelming at a certain point that my own voice was drowned out. When it comes to skills, he rules Venus that in its turn rules Libra & Taurus, so things like friendship, love and related along with the arts or all art forms can all be considered his forte. Interesting thing lastly; I smell a rose scent and have his thanks while writing this.

Seal Anael

  • Unfortunately, the client did not live up to his end of the agreement, does not want to pay me and therefore will be punished oh so severely by Anael. He will take away this service and devastate/ traumatize him romantically. 

Working with Vassago


I started working with the Goetic spirit Vassago in October 2016 and have decided to stop with him due to the fact that I want to limit the amount of spirits that I work with on a daily basis. I worked with him for solving missing persons cases, and as the grimoire the Goetia says, he is skilled in finding missing and lost things, including people. So hence that. He immediately and swiftly came the second I even contemplated working with him.

Vassago is Lunar in nature, so corresponds to the Moon (2° in Cancer); Therefore, he is adept at all things psychic and of a clairvoyant nature. There is not a lot of data or information on him out there, as I have searched before starting with him extensively online, but only found one or two entries. He led me to my goal towards or via Astrology, and when that did not yield results in the way I wanted, he sent me to a local seer that I was acquainted with. That, unfortunately, did not work out too in the way I wanted. He told me that this is grand and heavy work, as finding missing people is no joke, and if I want the exact details on these cases, then I will have to give him more energy via rituals and gifts. He is the one that introduced me to mental/ telepathic communication with spirits during ritual instead of saying things aloud. Vassago is timid in nature, and will not speak unless he really feels like doing so. Keeps himself in the background, but is very observant and sees practically everything going on. He became more vocal after I gave him the 1st pentacle of the Moon as a gift and other items over time (See Order of the Pentacles), and revealed himself to me.

I dislike the fact that people attach the same shape that the Goetic spirit Agares takes to Vassago, as that is not at all the case; before Vassago showed himself to me, he drained some of my life’s energy to speed our work along. The downside of this is that I almost fainted behind the altar, I closed off and I went to lie down. My mind was blank when I did so, as I tried to stabilize my body. And that is when, while my eyes were closed, I saw a man in a white background. He looked Arab, wearing a robe and holding a golden staff with an obsidian ball & other times normal ball at the end, dressed in violet (purple) & reddish/ orange clothing. He was floating and had “no feet”. I was happy, since I was like “finally, he showed himself to me”. His voice is old-mannish sometimes and other times like a normal middle-aged man. The other shape Vassago has taken with me is that of an African man, wearing traditional African clothing. See below images for an idea of his looks.


I will admit that I shall miss Vassago, but I have to prioritize and the fact that I am near success in my work with him as my own research shows/ points out, makes it even harder, but I will always come back to him if I want to in the future, although I doubt that this will be the case. He will be my number one choice though, for psychic needs and customers that wish help in this, since we are on such good terms & my experience in working with him. It has been, roughly estimated, over half a year; 7 months worth of skill in dealing with him. He has been friendly and has always supported me in my goals, helping out where he can. Vassago does have pagan roots, but told me that he would rather not discuss that with me and I honestly do not care much for that either. The African appearance was in his own words, “because he has ties to Africa” & he has only showed and told me about this form in the past 2 months. He is more active at night too (for obvious reasons).


The research files vol. XIV: Zadkiel


I invoked the Archangel Zadkiel or Tzadqiel for one of my customers over a week ago, 9 days ago, to be exact. He is know as the Archangel of Jupiter and therefore the one best suited in my opinion for this work. The task or goal is a big one; my customer and friend lives in Toronto, Canada and wants his own house; see here to see what the avg. housing costs are there. Yikes indeed.

This was something that he needed and was not out of greed, otherwise I might have gone with an infernal spirit. But I love Angels for their power & stability. When I invoked Zadkiel, he took on the appearance of a Caucasian male with black hair and dark blue eyes & apparel. He held a pair of scales/ lantern in his hand and a spear/ rod. His footwear was black (sandals) and dark blue angelic huge wings. His hair changed sometimes from curly to long and the lantern emitted 3 types of light: sometimes multi-colored, yellow or blue. His voice was strong, clear and sure and what I loved about it, is that it produced a silencing effect; when he spoke, it was like every other sound in the world stopped and I was in a cave. He told me that my customer & friend can take a year’s notice and will help him. Lastly, I saw something out of the corner of my eye when I was recording the audio entry on this ritual, and when I looked back I saw a huge, moth-like creature, the size of an adult dog. It dissipated after a few seconds, but I loved that, seeing it.

Since then my friend has told me that he has seen physical moths everywhere pretty much; they pop up regularly. I will keep an eye on matters as I always do. This is a long term goal, but things are looking good so far.

Tzadqiel's seal

The research files vol. XIII: Michael


I invoked the Archangel Michael a week ago for a customer; his daughter was having issues at school, mainly, that she was being bullied and taunted into hitting and thereby getting into trouble. He wanted me to stop all of that and have her be able to focus on her schoolwork. The first thought that came to mind was Michael and thus I proceeded after the necessary research.

When I invoked Him, he took the classical appearance; the “Angel with big, beautiful orange wings, wearing a white robe and an orange belt” look. He told me that the task will not be a problem and that he will get to work ASAP. His hair was blonde and curly, but turned orange every now & then. Michael is one of those that is or can be considered a Jack-of-all-trades in the lines of skill or specialty. I consider him to be Mercurial, others Solar, but for this one I used Solar correspondences, since it was a Sunday. He told me that full results will be visible over time, but that the target will notice change right away. Funny thing is that he wanted to make small talk towards me, since he had nothing better to do in his own words. But I wanted to keep things on point and he agreed to that & made it clear that I can summon him anytime when he wants.

The most interesting thing in an occult sense is how much He wore me down. I felt like doing nothing for the remainder of the day after the invocation. The client and his daughter told me too that they were out cold, more or less. His daughter was pretty much “passed out”. He confirmed success yesterday & my own check-up too. Done.


The research files vol. XII: The Holy Guardian Angel part II


It was 2 weeks ago that I invoked this HGA or holy guardian angel for a customer and let me clarify again, this is NOT the angel that is described in the book of Abramelin; this is one’s higher doppelganger or divine mirror entity. So basically, a divine version of yourself. See the first part of an article of the same name for the story of when I summoned my own HGA.

This one was a Martian one and had Aries as zodiacal correspondence(15°), and is quite the bullheaded one. Before the ritual, when I was out on the street, he made me scrape my Achilles’ heel & shoulder and My Lord Samael told me that he was the one behind it, as I noticed this and was like “what the fuck is happening?” and I heard the same loud buzzing too like I heard when I invoked my own HGA. When he appeared, he took the shape of a little forest like creature, but unfriendly and far more aggressive. He threatened me, but after seeing my patron beside me, he backed off and decided to cooperate. He kept referring to my customer as “the human I am tied to” and was sarcastic when answering. Seemed to shake his head erratically too, and pulled some exorcist shit by turning his head 360°.

The tasks issued were long term, and therefore the result is unknown. Time only will tell, but the request has been fulfilled and he, in accordance with our agreement, must oblige. I love Geburah (Mars), but these kind of guys make you see or view that sphere as a pain in the ass sometimes, with the troubles they cause. Someone made a comment when I told him, that these guys sound Enochian, and I agree that they do. Lastly, My Lord Samael told me that these “HGA’s” do not fall under any specific ruler in the traditional sense. He had no dominion over this one for example.




The research files vol. XI: Lucifer


Lucifer never really appealed to me, but I decided to ask for his help in boosting my web shop, since my research pointed out that he can help in that department. For those that do not know who Lucifer is, see here. He is a fallen angel, who’s name means light bearer.

Lucifer corresponds to the Sun (unsurprisingly), 11° and he will resort to pretty much any measure to get what he wants and to get what the operator wants. Next to that, He is a Jack-of-all-trades and has a multitude of abilities (reminds me of Michael in that regard). Has abilities that stretch across. I asked for his help in improving my web shop overall, and he did not disappoint. In a week’s time, he inspired or drove me to make significant improvements to the website, and I got a lot more orders too, worth $680 NET. Very good in a week’s time. There was only one drawback in all of this: he reminds me of Clauneck here, there were a few minor, erratic changes. My web shop would be suspended briefly due to some small error or thing that needed to be changed. Not a big deal, but it can be annoying to endure that twice in a week. That is all.

When invoked, Lucifer has a calm, cool, narrative-like voice and he appeared as 2 black children, and changed to 2 Caucasian children because he got the impression that I did not like his first appearance. I told him that I did not mind and he changed back. The children also grabbed me on the arm at a certain point, but let go since he got the feeling that I didn’t like that, despite me saying that I didn’t mind, again. Interestingly enough, the archangels Michael and Raphael appeared near the end of the ritual and told him that he was needed elsewhere, and that he should wrap up his things with me. He also gazed in awe when seeing the 1st Pentacle of the Sun and was like “Oh, the almighty’s face”. He prefers Frankincense incense, but did appreciate me burning any incense at all. Didn’t want to be ungrateful. I didn’t have the previous, so burned Dragon’s Blood.

  • Invoked Lucifer for a client, and he appeared this time as a buff, naked blonde man with sky-blue/ golden pupils and giant, golden wings.