Pagan Gods


As the title suggests, this time I’ll be covering Pagan Gods; They are unintentionally created thought forms that man created & worshiped, because they needed a way to explain things around them or forces that were beyond their control and that they were subject to. Examples are that most major primitive civilizations in the past such as the Babylonians, Egyptians, Greeks and so on had Gods that ruled over the weather, the Sun, famine, plague and so on. Below a list of Pagan Gods & their correspondences for convenience sake- as I have mentioned in the past, I am not fond of Gods due to their lack of power in general (no offense meant towards them), but its not always and just about power.

. Apep or Apophis– Was an Egyptian God equated with all things evil and malefic, e.g. pain, suffering and related. See here.

Planet: Jupiter.
Zodiac Sign: Sagittarius (0°).
Description: self-righteous and has a big ego on the negative side but positively is skilled in Law, Religion, Philosophy, Education & Long Distance traveling. Also has a sense of humor and is open to all, a non-discriminator.
* Also has Saturnian-like destructive abilities.


. Hades– Greek God of the underworld and ruler of that aspect of life for Greeks. See here.

Planet: Saturn.
Zodiac Sign: Capricorn (28°).
Description: Specialty lies in public ambitions, as zodiac sign already displays; for coming into prominence and becoming disciplined.


. Kali– Hindu Goddess that destroys evil forces. See here.

Planet: Moon.
Zodiac Sign: Cancer (4°)
Description: Destruction of necessary things or aspects, and yet of a gentle nature. Literary ability & some art also present.


. Set/ Seth– Egyptian God of protection, weather, violence and so on. See here.

Planet: Sun.
Zodiac Sign: Leo (10°)
Description: Covers most solar attributes, e.g. energy, protection to a certain point, skill in general endeavors etc.  Skill is determination.


The above mentioned are just a few examples and ones that I’ve researched in the past. Noticeably, they are dark Gods or Chtonic deities in general. Not too many Gods that I’m aware of that specialize in financial resources and related. Anyone reading this, feel free to approach me for desired information on a God or deity at the link below:


The art of boosting businesses


Using the occult for improving one’s business is one of the most fruitful & practical things that can be done, when it comes to making money or financial profit. I have experience in this and will point out to things that need to be kept in mind & how things should be done.

It can be hard to find spirits that have this specialty or skill, but one shouldn’t focus specifically on that aspect. Spirits that are generally good at making money and related or improving status are enough for this goal. Boosting is a heavy operation too, since the logical thing is to boost for an entire month and great offerings will have to be made in order to get great results in general. It’s more like an initial investment.

Another thing to keep in mind, and here is where astrology comes in play, is what zodiac sign your business or job falls under. Notable examples are Audio/Video dealings and the selling of vehicles- these fall under Gemini. Household goods and real estate fall under Cancer. And so on.

The spirits that I have experience with in boosting are Lucifer, Belial, Salas’ash; all of them have gotten good results, the last two especially because both of them are Geminis. Lucifer, as I mention in his article, is Solar but Solar spirits can be used for most businesses or jobs. There can be a catch however, when doing so. The best results will come from teaming two spirits up to do something. More than that is not recommended, since it is pretty much overkill. One will do well, but two is the best option by far. For anyone wanting help with this, I offer help to people that want to do so via my webpage.
I will boost your thing for you in the same manner as explained above; it applies to a job where you have to or rely on getting customers (commission based work for example) or if you own a business. For the rest it’s up, up, up!


The Research Files Vol. XXXIV: Pazuzu


As I mentioned in the files XXXIII, I started researching weather spirits, and the first one that I had my eye on and felt drawn to after reading something somewhere about him was Pazuzu. In short, he is a Assyrian/Babylonian demonic god that specializes in altering the weather, storms, drought etc & protection- read more about him here.

Pazuzu is Saturnian in nature (Capricorn, 23°), and has a hint of Aquarius (20°); in this case, his former attribute serves for protecting and chasing away evil spirits & the latter for weather changes. I tested out his powers by invoking him and asking him for rainfall that was a nuisance in my neighborhood or region to cease, since it rained heavily, multiple times a day. I had two weeks in mind, but he said that a week is the best that he could do for me. Here data below before and after the ritual, which was done on July 1st, 2017.

Before ritual:

Before ritual

After ritual:

After ritual

Rain gradually decreased, and the last 3 days have been completely free of rain with really nice weather. You can clearly see the difference in forecast before ritual. My excuses for the haziness of the after ritual graph, but that’s due to the fact that it’s weather history and most weather websites display it that way. I’m content and therefore deem this operation a success; my divinatory readings did indicate that I was overreaching myself though, and the fact that he told me that 2 weeks isn’t doable confirms that.

Regarding appearance, Pazuzu appeared and took on a multitude of forms during ritual; his statue shape and that of a Zulu warrior (See images below):

220px-pazuzudemonassyria1stmillenniumbce      e8cd8424b087ba3c07ab2c50fa227e85

He spoke with a harsh voice for the statue, and just like a plain African man for the warrior. What annoyed my slightly is that while in warrior form, he kept moving and dancing around. His energy felt “paganish” and reminds me of the fact that I am summoning just that- a pagan God. But it was stronger than I’m used to from Gods.

Result of course, as always, matters and that is there. Very nice & thank you, Pazuzu.
I’ll definitely keep you in mind for related affairs, despite the fact that you’re not my #1 choice.

PS. No seal was used, since I don’t know of any and he told me that it’s not necessary.


The meaning of existence


Interesting header, no? This is something that has been debated and discussed by a lot of people undoubtedly. What is the meaning of life, of existence? As always is the case, the truth hurts and this is no different.

Simply put, the meaning of life is, in general, to aspire to be divine. This is regardless of who you are in terms of background, social standing, ethnicity and all the other things that are considered “important”. My personal reason for getting involved in the occult is to be as close to God as I can be; there is more to life than just the mundane things and they are just that. I am not saying that one shouldn’t pay attention to these, but never make the mistake that these things are important on an existential scale. Why not? Because you’re not doing anything special, how hard that might come off- practically everybody has offspring, wants to make more money, fame and fortune etc. There is nothing wrong with wanting these things, but NEVER make the mistake of thinking that these things will last for eternity, because they’ll wither away with time and all will be short lived. One can be proud of the family that he or she has and so on, but don’t lie to yourself thinking that your God will give you kudos for that and applaud you. He’ll most likely be like “What have you done that was different from the rest?”.
Christian biblical quote is an example and states this perfectly, “The world is passing away along with its desires, but whoever does the will of God remains forever”.
All things that are considered good…money, status…all will fade before you know it; it has no permanent or real value. So again, don’t kid or delude yourself into thinking that it does and that you’ll be rich after you’re dead too. Nope. The cash will stay right here and done. It won’t even matter after you’re dead.

Don’t ignore these things, as you need them in the mundane world in order to get by, but don’t confuse them for having any true value. That’s just what they are: mundane.
Honor, decency, integrity, self-worth, moral values, being true to who and what you are is what makes you great. NOT THE MATERIAL.


The Research Files Vol. XXXIII: Matariel


I recently started researching spirits that deal with weather anomalies, so ones that have the ability to change the weather. I favor angels or demons in general, but the former more to be honest. My eye and mind fell on this guy when looking for someone. Enter Him, here he is: The angel Matariel. Short story on him is that he is the angel of rain. His name is mentioned in Enoch 3, as seen below, to the left.

MatarielWhen researching Him, it turns out that he is Mercurial (Virgo, 26°) and very skilled to say the least in what he does; corresponding elements, unsurprisingly, are Air & Earth. He can cause rain and drought adversely. He is a just one and absolutely not once to coerce though. When I summoned Him, he appeared as an elf looking figure, with long, silver hair and also dressed in a silver-colored robe. This is the first time I’ve seen an angel look like that. He took to the Air sometimes, and same colored wings. His voice is normal, sophisticated and clear, yet stern. He is the perfectionist type though, and asks me when reading my mind if he is correct in what he is “seeing”. When asking Him if there was anything about himself that he cared to share with me aside from what I already know about Him, his reaction was “Tell you what, invoke me more times in the future and I’ll tell you more about me; not necessary at the moment”. I have high hopes for Him, since every reading I do on Him and related point to his great skill and they match his physical appearance.- the refinement, the minor feminine traits. Below his seal given to me. He laughed a bit when I stared at it and asked me if I didn’t like His seal. I was just a bit disappointed with my small crooked drawing, but ah well.



The research files vol. XXII: Salas’ash


The infernal spirit Salas’ ash comes from the western magician EA Koetting’s book called “Book of Azazel” and reportedly falls under Azazel; I got to working with this entity and got great results. His specialty is to bring money to the operator as soon as possible. See the page taken out of the book below:

Seal & info

The seal and related information are visible; I have done research on him too, and he corresponds to Gemini (19°) with quite some power; so he is Mercurial.
There have been two instances in which I have made use of his skill, and glad to say that he great and delivers; the first one was were I needed some cash ASAP and he delivered in a day or five. The second instance was bringing in customers for my business; I have teamed him up with another Gemini, no other than the big man Belial, and this tag team does monstrously well. Cheers to them. The reason for this is that my business deals with communication, so Gemini’s are a perfect fit for it.

When invoking Salas’ ash, he appears like a transparent figure with orange eyes. No facial features or related can be made out. On one occasion, he was called by Azazel and I briefly saw Him too. “My master is calling me, see you”. And there was Azazel.
Salas’ ash is in any case excellent for funds that one wants to get/ needs as soon as possible, but in contrast to his description, he is also good for things in the long run, e.g. up to two weeks.


Free Will and one’s destiny


I spoke to someone about this a few days ago and he advised me to write this article on said topic; I did not feel anything or much for it at first, but since I do have some free time at the moment, I thought to share my PoV on this matter.

I often come across posts on my Facebook news feed that indicate that people have free will. Examples are Coca Cola’s “Life is what you make it” & “Take control of your life”…”You and you alone are responsible for your own actions”.
My reaction is more or less “What a load of shit”. Simply put, there is NO such thing as free will; free will exists in an indirect sense that you can decide what you want to have for dinner, but that is all. What I find troublesome is how people can be so naive as not to realize that they had no say in the matter when it comes to their own existence.
Did any of us choose when, how and under what circumstances we wanted to be born or born at all into this world? NO. Did we choose our own names, gender, race, parents? NO. Did we choose our own interests and character traits? NO.
Point made; we don’t choose anything. There is a saying in Dutch…Life is like toilet paper; you get your roll and are stuck with it (role here meaning role too). We’re bluntly put, nothing but pawns in God’s chess game.
But of course that doesn’t mean that existence is futile and you shouldn’t do anything and just drop everything since there’s “no point in doing so”. The point is that regardless of what we do, all is decided and has been already been done so. Our entire destiny.
Nothing we can do about it. That’s the very definition of omnipotence: deciding everything, all under one’s control. We all have to adhere to it, whether we like it or not. Even the Angels. So no, there was never any great war in heaven or anything that has ever challenged God’s power. It’s all part of His plan, nothing more than a predestined event, like everything else.
Nothing opposes, challenges, or even remotely threatens God. Keep that in mind.