The research files vol. XXI: Sitri


I’ll touch base on my recent invocation of the goetic spirit Sitri for a customer; Sitri specializes in love and sex and that is what this client wanted; attention from women and related.

This is the 2nd time that I have invoked Sitri, and it differed very much from when I invoked him the 1st time. That was a good and long time ago, and was one of my beginning articles. I have grown significantly stronger since then, as he also stated. One of his comments was “You weren’t nearly as strong & adept as you are now”. I remember that when I invoked him the 1st time, that I couldn’t even see him. It was more voices and related. This was, as I mentioned in the previous article, much more intense and interesting. When I invoked Sitri, he appeared as the default and traditional appearance the Goetia lists; a man-leopard hybrid. The funny thing is that he kept wagging his long tail during the ritual, like a lion in the Serengeti looking at his prey, although no threats towards me were made or anything. Sitri is Mercurial in nature and corresponds to the zodiac sign Gemini (9°). His aura made me forget things and there is something about it that made me nauseous and feel sick. I started feeling a bit wobbly, but My Lord Samael appeared behind me and guided me through the rest of the ritual, making me feel 100% again. Sitri is also fond of the Sun, and aside from my clients’ inquiry, he told me too that I can use Solar attributes, aside from Mercurial ones. He is one of the very few Geminis that I’ve dealt with that leaves heavy residual energy, burning-like and mentioned that he’s left handed.


The research files vol. XX: Raziel


I invoked the Archangel Raziel on the 15th of June 2017, so this year. Reason? I wanted to improve my skills & I have unfortunately  reached my limit as a mage. There is such a thing, yes. As I mention in a previous article, I am not able summon more energy than I can handle, as the regular mage is subject to. I wanted to become stronger and more power, thereby leading to more effective rituals with better results.

I used Jupiterian correspondences, since Neptune has no place in the seven days out of which a week is made up, and Neptune is the modern ruler of the zodiac sign Pisces, and Jupiter the classical ruler. It went well and when I did so, he appeared as a large man in blue robe with brown sandals, and gold-plated bangles. He looks different from other Archangels. He had long, black hair that looked wet. Plus, he looked older & wore a thorn crown similar to the one Jesus wore during the Crucifixion. He appeared really tall in the beginning (3 or 4 meters tall), but took a smaller shape for my convenience. So shrunk himself. He had a staff in this hand with a corn-looking top & looked native american. Most angels that I invoke look like men in their 20’s, but he looked more like 40.

I wanted Him to either teach me how to reach my goal or bestow that trait upon me; his reaction “You can choose; I can either give you what you want or teach you how to do so but I prefer the former”. “Don’t expect wondrous things however, an average amount of power will be given to you”. Results would be visible after 2 weeks, but I like the fact that now, after 10 days, I can conclude this operation a success already. Funny thing is that he tickled me a few hours beforehand. I was lying down and felt a strong tickle under my knees, but nothing was there. I was almost like a snake bit me there, but in a good way.

What have I seen in the form of results? My invocations are more intense for one; Since Him, I have invoked about 4 spirits. First one was the Goetia spirit Zepar and I held the ritual in an hour where Mars ruled, since I didn’t want to wait until the Sun had its turn. To my amazement, Zepar showed me red wings instead of his golden ones. I’m talking fully red and made the comment, when I was recording an audio entry for a customer for which I invoked him that he wasn’t a demon. Me: “I invoked the demon Zepar for you”…I hear all of a sudden “I’m not a demon”.
2nd one was the archangel Anael; He looked different too this time; clothing was thicker and a few other minor differences. Plus he gave me some intense dreams, for the first time. Never before has he done so.
3rd, was the archangel Zadkiel; he too, looked different. Wasn’t Caucasian this time and dressed more elaborate too. Plus he told me when I had a goal for myself in mind where the law applied, “I’m not going to do anything illegal for you”..I had not even asked Him. I was pondering what I should do and all of a sudden I hear that.
Last one was Sitri and oh boy…This was the 2nd time I have invoked Sitri and talk about an intense ritual. I almost puked.
The other thing is that I have been seeing a lot more astral activity too, and am able to sense congestion in the air, astrally. I can “hear” energy at work, which wasn’t the case before.

So there you have it; success, once again. Thank you, Raziel. 

Analyzing & reflecting, looking back


I like to do what the header of this article is every now & then; it offers one good insight into how spirit work goes. When I summon, I just don’t expect anything & have a stance in the sense of  “It either works or it doesn’t”, of course after divination, preparation etc. I find that this is the simplest and most effective way to avoid disappointment.

Like I have mentioned in previous articles, if something doesn’t work despite all of one’s preparations, it’s due to a lack of opportunities; not enough or nothing there to work with. The whole “You can’t pluck feathers from a bald chicken” bit. Divination will indicate how a spirit will go to work and the potential for success, but not that there are no chances to capitalize on, and nothing is ever guaranteed; the aforementioned is the stipulation or condition to this rule. The examples that I will list from my own life are interesting to observe. Spirits in general are more or less above human comprehension or understanding, but their modus operandi or way of doing things can be observed. We as human beings are superior to most animals, but make no mistake: A bird can easily observe you & see what your pattern and daily go-abouts consists of; the time when- and way you do things.

. When working with Clauneck for work, why did it work? Why was the work a success? Without Him telling me anything, I can observe the following: He looked into and gauged my needs, seeing that I want a job where I can work from home, make as much money as possible, and relating to my specialties etc….”Hmmm, this is what this guy wants”. Next, he scanned my location for opportunities, and in this case employers that best match my needs like some kind of app. And Voila, result! Point is, there was enough in the way of things to work with.

. When dealing with Sitri and Fro’glatash for sex, no strings attached, why didn’t it work? Why did it fail? Observation: There was nothing there to do anything. I wanted like I mentioned, just sex- no relationship or anything. Shortly summarized, the women in my country generally don’t want that and are archaic in their way of thinking- sex is limited to just penetration & if they see you as “the one” in their mind, so little to no foreplay or anything. Exceptions are gold diggers and others that have no morals and want to take advantage of you somehow. Lastly, most women here are ugly and I have high demands when it comes to looks. The concept of friends with benefits refers more to- and is customary in the West. Not here, unfortunately. But bottom line is that it did not work, because of these reasons; There were no chances and resources available, period. Nothing to work with.


Very interesting from a researcher’s perspective. Food for thought.

Insights on how magick works II


I will discuss and bring matters regarding summoning to light, I’m talking really detailed.

When summoning a spirit, you are only invoking one person’s worth of energy in your vicinity or environment, why? Because you as a person are not able and can’t handle more power than you are able to absorb. Think of it like this: you are planning on summoning Satan; if one were to attach a measure or degree of power to Him, let’s just say for arguments’ sake that he has the power of 50 million men. Of all that, you are only able to call upon one person’s worth. That is just the way the system is set up, and the fault or blame doesn’t lie with you or with the spirit. Almost needless to say, there will be times that one person’s worth of energy will not be enough to get something done. Despite all of one’s preparations and related. The divinatory part of what you are planning to do will indicate the potential outcome and how well the spirit summoned will get the job done. But there are no, and nor will there ever be any level or kind of guarantee. That is a universal perspective, and nothing can be done about that. You could die tomorrow, generally speaking. Again, NOTHING is guaranteed. If the project doesn’t work, then it is due to a lack of opportunities; in short, there’s nothing or not enough there to work with.

So what to do in order to evade this pitfall and maximize one’s chances of success for even the greatest of tasks? Quality, not quantity. Working with the least amount of spirits as possible. Devote yourself to one spirit as much as possible in the long term. As your bond grows with that spirit, you’ll see better and greater results to the point that you will be able to achieve truly great things and make divine progress. Becoming rich, famous and all other things that are nearly impossible are a definite reality when the above is applied and done. But remain rational; it is not needed to work with a spirit in the above manner when you want something short term, e.g. learning a new language or getting rid of an addiction. The aforementioned applies to great and big things.


The divine doppelganger or astral twin (HGA)


I will go deep into the nature and detail of the entity known as the divine doppelganger, astral twin or higher self; I also dub this the “HGA”, loosely stated. Once again, I repeat: This is NOT the holy guardian angel from the Abramelin grimoire. That one is an actual angel.

The higher self by definition is an entity created by God which serves as your mirror image and your missing part in your current life cycle; He has the skills and attributes that you lack as a person in this life. For example, if you are by nature someone that lacks empathy and aren’t charming, the one that never smiles and is way too serious, your divine doppelganger will be the type that has charm, grace and empathy as his forte or specialty. From a planetary perspective, it can be said that you have strong Saturnian straits (coldness, humorless, grace) & your twin will then most likely be Venusian (graceful, appealing, smooth).

In my experience and interaction with several of them, including my own, I have noticed that they lack general or specific features. All of them seem to be transparent regarding looks. This might be from my perspective on them, but all of them have taken this kind of appearance. They are one of the most practically applicable entities one can work with, kind of like an ultra egregore, due to the fact that they don’t shy away from using energy to get or have you notice them. This is in contrast to other entities, like angels or demons, that are very savory when it comes to energy. Divine doppelgangers will use energy if they want to convey a message to you. To this date, I have summoned 3 of them, 2 of which were for clients and 1 which was my own. My own was Solar, and the remaining were Martian & Lunar.

My own was all that I lack in general, so from a neutral perspective; He had a quick wit about him, was fluent in saying what he felt and radiated life overall. Friendly and calm, cool and authoritative, all at the same time.
The Martian one did not like being summoned and made it known, making me stub my toe and scrape my elbow while getting the necessary things for summoning him.
The Lunar one was very friendly and no issues with him, myself and my target felt drained and tired an hour or 2 after.
The first 2 also gave off a buzzing sound an hour or so before the ritual, really loud.
They don’t fall under any kind of authority under the traditional sense, and are more “freelance” spirits.

To know what correspondences one’s higher self has and his/ her nature, an astrological chart can be cast and attention should be paid to one’s Midheaven. See example below on my own:



The research files vol. XVIV: Belphegor


I will get into work on the demon Belphegor, that originated as a Moabite God. In demonology and the Kabbalah, Belphegor is the ruler of the qliphotic sphere Thagirion, aka The “Black Sun”. See here for more information on Him.

I invoked Belphegor in the beginning of this year (Jan-March 2017) and it was very interesting, despite the fact that it didn’t work out with him. But that was not his fault. I had made the mistake of exhausting all of my opportunities and asking too many “people” for the same thing, ritual-wise. So I was the bald chicken from whom no more feathers could be plucked. When he appeared, it was the same shape that he took as I remember him when I astral projected to his qliphotic sphere; a creature with warts all over his body. He is friendly though, and is more than willing to help someone.
Regarding his skills, Belphegor is a Lunar spirit (Cancer, 13°) and very potent even. He excels at clairvoyance and also has a good deal of financial ability. One would do good if he were to be worked with in the long term and needed help in these fields.

I have had someone I know tell me that He was her patron and she had good results in working with Him, financially. To her, he appeared as the owner of a yacht and was fancily dressed, addressing her as “girlie”. I have never, when engaging with Belphegor, noticed anything about Him in the sense or way of Sloth and excrement or stool. Roughly stated, they turned Him unjustly into a demon of shit & laziness. Moabite God.


Using the occult for gambling purposes


I will tread into waters that I have not mentioned before, and that is, as the title or header suggests: Gambling, and specifically using occult powers for the purposes of making or winning as much as possible.

I have experimented using divination for this purpose, mainly predicting the outcome of sports matches by doing so. And the results were mixed, hits and misses; ultimately, it has been interesting, but futile and the conclusion/ assessment I can make is that divinatory methods are unsuited for doing this. No matter what way you’d spin it, it still worked sometimes and not at all other times. The reason for this is that it pertains to the lives and existences of others, and not to the wagering of matches or any kind of team vs team situation. Not in this context.

So what could work? Summoning an entity for the results is an option, and I know one or more that have a 90% success rate. A friend of mine tried the lottery by asking me to ask a spirit for the result (4 number draw), and it was very accurate in the sense that one number was incorrect or that it was not in the correct order, or that it did appear but on a drawing that took place a week or so later, or in another country’s lottery.
I could research the matter further, but it would take considerable effort and resources to do so and I don’t intend on doing so, since I am not fond of gambling at all. Why? The sheer definition of what it is, just that: Gambling. Its unreliability is a major turn-off for me.
Even then, it is still a good stretch; it boils down to you asking a painter to paint a 3-story building in one day. Talk about a stretch. But it can be done. Not worth it for me however.