The research files vol. X: My Magnum Opus


Hello again, all; it has been some time since I wrote anything and the reason was/ is that I mainly do not feel like it, despite there being enough material. In this work, I will cover my Magnum Opus aka baddest spirit yet, aside from my Lord Samael. This is only that in a research file sense.

I have always been fond of Fire within the occult and that is also the energy that I lack the most, spiritually. I wanted to summon one of “God’s bodyguards” aka the Seraphim. I am not referring to just any angel, since My Lord Samael can also be considered one, but an actual member of the Order. There is no grimoire that I know of that lists a Seraph. I approached my Lord Samael for the information on one, and after some pleading from me, I got the name and seal of one; I was so excited and went to work. The thing is that these highest order ranking Angels are generally not suited for occult work, and I experienced firsthand why.

When I invoked him, right from the start, he wanted or tried to dominate the ritual. A neutral person would laugh his ass of, since this Seraph came off as if he were a rambunctious 20-year old. To give some examples, here parts of the conversation:

Me: reciting the oration
Him “You can stop, I am already here”

Me: You have a scroll in your hand, what’s in it or written on it?
Him “None of your damn business!”

His entire attitude was bossy, domineering and asshole-ish; “I need you not, you need me!” was another one, as well as name-calling, “Asswipe”, ” Dumbass”. Defiance and rebellious are some of the phrases that one can describe him as. I did not joke around and maintained my calmness and composure. The warmth in the room rose during it overall to great degrees and my hands felt like they were on Fire.

Unfortunately, he did not complete the task given or assigned to him until now and more than a month has passed. But that is due to him being immature & irresponsible, as opposed to him not being able to do what he was told to do. Below his data:

. Name: Zacharija.
. Planet & Zodiacal nature: Mars, Aries.
. Appearance: Angel with 6 wings, dressed in white/black & holding scroll in hand.
. Skill: Destroying enemies, burning things up, causing forest- & field fires. 
. His Seal

My magical services for hire


I have contemplated in the past on whether offering my magical services is a good idea, and the things that have made me see away from the idea ,until now, was primarily the fact that the occult-based community is not the most high paying one and that there isn’t enough demand for these.

What made me change my mind is my financial manager inspiring me to do so, as I have nothing to lose and this will take little to no resources from my part out. The added benefit is that I love the art and am willing to help others in reaching their goals. So here it is, My page for the rates and related if one wishes to ask for my occult help. Cheers.

PS. This is what it looks like regarding description & what I offer; the methods of payment are default, so most major Credit Cards & PayPal.


“I am a magician and have been practicing magick for over three years, with the desired result and know-how. I offer my services and can summon spirits to help customers get what they want. Drop me a private message or contact me to tell me what you want before you order”

To give one an idea on what can be asked for and accomplished, here:

– Quit addictions, e.g. smoking.
– Dealing in love matters, e.g getting back a lover or breaking people up.
– Getting a better job or making more money.
– Know one-self and self-ascension, e.g. your skills and related.
– Esoteric knowledge, e.g. your past live(s) and your guides.
– Becoming stronger, mentally as well as physically.
– Help in law matters, e.g. court cases.
– Destroying an enemy.
– Help in moving abroad.
– Help in studying or learning a subject in record time.
– Wanting to remain unseen, or do something that requires secrecy.
– Healing an illness, be it mentally or physically, e.g. mental disorders and illness.
– Becoming popular and gaining friends.
– Obtaining sex.
– Mastering any art, e.g. painting.
– Child wishes, if one is barren.


The Greater Key of Solomon – Order of the Pentacles


I started working with the “The Greater Key of Solomon – Order of the Pentacles” in the beginning of this year. My interest was mainly geared towards the first pentacles, the ones that are suited towards invoking the spirits attributed to the sphere that was mentioned. For people that do not know it, The Greater Key of Solomon – Order of the Pentacles is a grimoire or magical workbook that gives the seals and descriptions of pentacles to be made or fashioned that will serve to work with spirits in a certain manner, depending on the nature of the working.

I started in January 2017 and made use of the 1st Pentacle of Mars, the 1st of the Moon and the 5th of the Moon; The first one was supposed to work and serve as an improvement in invoking my Patron, My Lord Samael. Nothing wrong as the pentacle works just fine. I have seen things go better and noticed that the line of communication has improved.
The 1st Pentacle of the Moon was a gift to a spirit that I am working with and it has also served its purpose in the same way as described above. Plus the spirit showed himself to me which was great since he does not have a known general appearance and is short and straight to the point, a bit shy even. Now he is becoming more vocal and involved in my life.
Regarding the 5th Pentacle of the Moon, I pretty much saved the best for last; this Pentacle is said to give answers in sleep, so dream prophecy. I am not a dreamer and rarely dream; when I go to sleep it is lights out for me in my head and done. I will dream about something silly once in a year and know right away that it did not mean anything. But the kind of dreams that are vivid and jarring sometimes, shaking you up and making you feel like you did not rest well at all- now those are the ones that matter. The pentacle has done its work well also, since I have had these type of dreams over 5 times in the past 2 months, and my senses tell me in most cases who the dream-giver is. Most summoned entities give me a sign in this way, where this was not the case before. The only drawback is that the dream is coded and I have to go find out what it meant. I do not mind, but I felt like this needed pointing out.

GKoS Pentacles II

Here the book:

Greater Key of Solomon- Order of the Pentacles

The research files vol. IX: Belial


It was a while ago that my interest in the Infernal spirit Belial, who is also mentioned in the Goetia, peaked. I read his description in the Goetia and have no need of his services and yet I wondered what he had to offer if I invoked him. For those that do not know who he is, here. To keep things short, he is a high ranking infernal and is reported to be created right after Lucifer.

Belial is a Mercurial spirit and therefore, as he himself told me, has to answer to Michael. Although he has Gemini (14°) as a zodiac sign. Explains too why he appeared as a roman soldier and specifically in yellow since the Sun rules Air signs from an elemental perspective of which Gemini is the mutable, so adaptable one. His special skills are relating to his sign of which he stands out in being able to influence others/ persuade others to the operator’s will. So in short he is able to bring the world to your feet in that sense; he will make others love you and approve of your actions, thereby making you ascend in life. Other things are general communication etc.

Things I noticed during ritual:

– He was incredibly light; I am used to, when invoking infernals,  intense feelings but he was as light as Air (no pun intended); his reply: “So just because I’m a demon, I have to bring fire & brimstone?” *Chuckling*.
– He told me that he was from the Order of Potestates, and strangely enough, got upset when I said “Oh, so powers”; his reply: “No- I am potestates, NOT powers”; they are one and the same officially but good chance that there is a minor difference(s) within the order itself.
– He has greater access to one’s thoughts and mind then the general spirit, also not a surprise; he did tell me that my patron blocked his access to my deepest thoughts, not that he minds because he respects privacy.

I asked him to bestow his skill upon me and he agreed but was critical of my home-cooked meal as an offering, unsurprisingly, since even the Goetia states that he requires great offerings. His reaction on my offerings when I thought about invoking him when my thoughts on him drew him to me, as is the case with most entities I contemplate about: “A meal ,that is it?….uhm, okay”.

The result did come as I have noticed improvement; minor, but still equal to what I gave him. Last thing is that he is more neutral towards returning to heaven, he was like “Meh, whatever”. Here an image to give you an idea of him in all of this:


The research files vol. VIII: Lucifuge Rofocale


I invoked Lucifuge Rofocale and will discuss the results of said invocation; things started off by my Patron, My beloved Lord Samael, telling me that turning the lights off before ritual is recommended since Lucifuge’s name loosely means “He who flees light”, so the ritual was held by candlelight. When he spoke to me his voice was old mannish, so like that of an elderly man. He appeared to me primarily as a Komodo Dragon standing on its 2 lower legs, wearing a crown and holding a royal scepter. He told me that he was from the Angelic order of Potestates and does not wish to return to the order and be pardoned. He was of a high rank to his own saying & content with his position as the ruler of Satariel. At the beginning of the ritual I felt a strange sensation creeping up on the back of my head and it was neutral- not pleasant but also not too unpleasant. Regarding my request, he told me that there is no guarantee that he will be able to meet my request; he is not stating that he cannot meet my demand but due to external factors in my life doing so is harder and basically more difficult to accomplish then my payment to him warrants.

Regarding his attributes, he is Martian in nature (Aries, 9°) and he is one of the Royal Treasurers and treasure keepers of Hell. He does have the ability to bestow fortune upon the operator but that all depends on how much effort he or she does to accommodate him. He is high-maintenance and asks for great offerings if one wants good and quick results. He does not care for fluids (drinks) and likes dry and spicy food etc.
He was friendly although can be aggressive if challenged and pushed. He favors his seal from the Grand Grimoire.

Insights on how magick works


When dealing with magick and having to listen to the everyday opinions of regular people, that is, the very few that do give their thoughts on magick you will definitely hear things like ” If magick is so grandiose, then my are most mages poor?”, and “Why don’t they own the world?”. I personally do not care much for what the average person thinks about the art for a number of reasons.

. Magick works in the same way that the physical world does to some extent– do you actually think that a high ranking entity that has been given dominion over some part of the universe is going to say “Hey, sorry to see you having financial problems. Here, have a million dollars”. Will someone on the street give you $5 if you walk up to them and ask them? NO. Spirits will do that for the same reason, because it’s give & take. If you want something, you will have to give them something in return in general. The only exception would be one offering to help you for free.

. Magick has its limits too & is subject to restraint- it is wise to briefly ask yourself if there are chances for you when attempting something; if you were planning on opening up a flower shop & asking for spiritual help in making said business grow ASAP, the odds would be well-stacked against you if you were to do so in a place where people do not like flowers or that is teeming with vegetation already. My point is, to keep in mind, to ask yourself these questions before doing something:

– Are there enough chances available?
– Is my location or environment “good” for what I want?
– Are the customs and how people think in my location favorable for what I want to accomplish?

* Example: You’re lost in the Sahara desert; summoning a spirit for water will be, to safely say, a giant stretch.

. Magick is no walk in the park- Being a magician and summoning spirits is no easy task to say the least; on average, it will take one years to master the craft (took me three to get here) and is time, effort and resource-consuming. Kind of like working two jobs, only the 2nd one costs a lot instead of bringing in money. You will have to truly be devoted to the craft and really want it enough to make sacrifices for it in order to get somewhere.

. Magick is “not God”- Magick is not capable of solving every problem that comes along; it serves as an accelerant and shapes the world we live in to a certain degree. Things that play a role are the circumstances you find yourself in, your environment. Spirits will seek the easiest way of doing something and if no opportunity is available they will have to create those which can be a lot harder and will take longer and more as a direct result.

. Big results take time & more effort– Need I say more? If you desire to become a multimillionaire, rest assured that it will take you at the very least a year or two to get there when working with a spirit, regardless of how powerful he/she/it is; that is, provided that you are able to develop that strong of a bond with your spirit and offer the energy needed to achieve this within the aforementioned time.

-Keep in mind that God is the only one that can make things happen in the blink of an eye-

The research files vol. VII: Aciel


I hereby bring the matter of invoking the entity Aciel to everybody’s attention; for those that do not know him, he is a spirit listed in Johannes Faust‘s grimoire “magia naturalis et innaturalis”; general info taken from the grimoire, which is in German, online is here. There are no other sources of information otherwise as far as I can see.

Aciel is dubbed a a solar spirit that is kept in check by Raphael and very aggressive which can be concluded from his name that supposedly means “God burner”, “Black Sun of God” and so on. His skill or specialty is listed as bringing wealth to the operator.

I was planning on invoking Aciel for a large sum of money and did so too; before, during and after the ritual he appeared to me as a Sphinx & a normal as well as a black lion of which I found the last one to be quite beautiful. He does, according to my research correspond to the Sun (Leo, 18°) and he is a “bulldozer”; he will do whatever it takes to bring you the money you desire, although is indeed dangerous in the sense that he seems to drain life energy from the operator, but very friendly himself. I state this because I felt like fainting near the end of the ritual which was partly my fault because I got a bit in my own head too much (don’t know why, the first time that this happened), but for the other part it was all him. I had to sit down for a minute or five to come too. He was very talkative and tried to make small talk with me, and the most important thing was his honesty; he openly told me that there is a chance he might not be able to give me what I want- he might need more time or my offerings are not enough for completion of the task. I agreed with him that if that be the case, he simply tell me near the end of the deadline with mention of reason. He was glad to hear so and agreed to it.

Lastly and interestingly, he told me that he was from the Angelic order of Powers, and that his fall was due to him disobeying God, hoping to return to his former position. Reminds me of a Goetic spirit. An article I found online that discusses the original operation from the grimoire in English is here. A publishing company is working on releasing the grimoire in English and are currently sold out but restock regularly. Here.